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Stark County Community Action Agency (CEEO) Center for Education and Employment Opportunities

Obtaining secure, gainful employment that will provide economic self-sufficiency can be challenging for even the most qualified candidates. Add to that the barriers of an unstable work history, lack of marketable skills, or a criminal background, and it can be next to impossible. The Center for Education and Employment Opportunities (CEEO) offers education, skills training, and employment assistance to help program participants become better-prepared for the job search. 

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Current Courses and Services Offered

Employment Readiness and Placement
Customized Employment Readiness Skills Training focuses on developing the skills needed to secure gainful employment. Taken solely or in addition to computer, GED, or STNA training, participants come away with hope-inspiring help and real opportunities for self-sufficiency. Armed with the knowledge of how to construct a job-specific resume and cover letter, along with the ability to apply transferable skills, candidates receive referrals to current openings from the job market developer and advocacy with area employers to help obtain interviews and assist with securing placement.

Currently, Employment Readiness Skills Training sessions are held for four weeks, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 1 to 3 p.m. in four week sessions. One-day workshops are also offered periodically. In addition to the income eligibility guidelines (below), participants must be residents of Stark County and at least 18 years old.

Computer Training
Basic and intermediate computer skills training is available for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  In a traditional instructor/student classroom setting, we maintain a low ratio of 1:15 to help our clients become competitive in today’s employment and educational environments.

Computer classes are held Monday through Friday, 8-12 p.m. in four-week sessions. Please call the office to inquire about specific class times. In addition to the income eligibility guidelines (below), participants must be residents of Stark County, at least 18 years old, and possess their high school diploma or GED.

2015 Current Eligibility Guidelines 

Family Size - Annual Income
1 in Household - $14,587.50
2 in Household - $19,662.50
3 in Household - $24,737.50
4 in Household - $29,812.50
5 in Household - $34,887.50
6 in Household - $39,962.50
7 in Household - $45,037.50
8 in Household - $50,112.50

Teresa Gary
Workforce Development Director

Center for Education and Employment Opportunities
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Phone: (330) 580-9347
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Office Hours:
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