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Designed for New and Existing Clients of the the Center for Education & Employment Opportunities


March 9, 2015

Next Level Workshop: Cover Letter Writing


 Learn to customize your cover letter using the latest Microsoft Office 2013 templates. Make a powerful first impression by using a wide variety of available cover letter samples and impactful keyword choices including essential action verbs and relevant job descriptions. Discover the importance of customizing your cover letter to match each job you apply for.


March 16, 2015

Next Level Workshop: Resume Writing


Learn to customize your resume and to maximize response from employers by using key words and phrases from the job description. Discuss trends in resume writing and composition. Learn the latest concepts in resume writing regarding contact information, objective statements and references. 


 March 23, 2015

Next Level Workshop: CQE 101


 The CQE is a mechanism by which persons with criminal convictions may petition the Common Pleas Court (after the required waiting period) for an order of limited relief to assist in overcoming collateral sanctions arising out of the conviction that may be hindering accessibility to certain fields of employment and/or vocational licensing.  The CQE may also be acquired for general employment purposes and, in either case, offers a potential employer immunity from negligent hiring litigation.


 March 30, 2015

Next Level Workshop: Networking 101


 Learn tips to enhance your networking etiquette:

·        How to look for networking opportunities
·        When to chime in on a conversation
·        What to do after you’ve made the connection

 Mastering these networking skills will help to connect you with your next employer.


April 13, 2015

Next Level Workshop: Dressing Your Way to the Top


 It’s in the details! Proper attire, hygiene, hair styles, and nails can be a deal breaker in applying for your dream job. Learn what professional attire looks like including what colors to wear and how to dress for the job you’re interviewing for.


April 20, 2015

Next Level Workshop: Mock Interviewing


 Take interviewing to the next level by learning to promote your strengths and capitalize on your weaknesses. Learn to present yourself as an appealing candidate for employment. Participants will have the opportunity to be interviewed by human resources representatives and receive feedback on how to improve their interviewing skills.


April 27, 2015

Next Level Workshop: The LinkedIn Wave & Job Fair Checklist


 Taking your job search to the next level by networking on LinkedIn. Discover the many opportunities and tools offered on LinkedIn to maximize your exposure to potential employers. Learn to set up and manage your personal profile while searching affiliated companies and organizations for potential openings. Build strong connections by adding people to your network and garner recommendations from colleagues around the net. Join groups where you can showcase your skills and abilities.  Create the profile that will put you on the frontline for employment.


2015 Current Eligibility Guidelines 

Family Size - Annual Income
1 in Household - $14,587.50
2 in Household - $19,662.50
3 in Household - $24,737.50
4 in Household - $29,812.50
5 in Household - $34,887.50
6 in Household - $39,962.50
7 in Household - $45,037.50
8 in Household - $50,112.50