Blower door testing is one of the
services provided by the SCCAA
home weatherization program. This test

is used to determine the amount of air 
leakage in a home.



Energy Assistance Programs


Did You Know?



  • Have a professional heating contractor perform a safety inspection on your furnace every year.

  • Keep a clear pathway to the furnace or room heater and keep stored items (especially those that catch fire) away from it.
  • Check the furnace filter monthly and change if it is dirty.  A dirty filter can reduce the efficiency of your unit and reduce its life.
  • If you burn wood, check the chimney or flue to make sure it is not blocked with creosote.   If it is, have the chimney cleaned by a professional. 
  • Do not block or close any heating registers or air supply return vents.  This can affect the operation of the distribution system.

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