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The following are currently available positions with the Stark County Community Action Agency. The title, description, and minimum qualifications can be found here. Please send a cover letter and resume to the agency at the address below or email to if you meet the requirements. You can also click on "SCCAA Employment Application" in the menu to download an application to fill out and mail with your cover letter and resume.

Teacher - Stark County Community Action Agency is seeking to hire Teachers with a minimum of an Associate degree and 15 credit hours completed toward a Bachelor degree in Early Childhood Education (ECE) or a Bachelor degree in ECE or related field, to teach in the Head Start Program.
Teacher Assistant - Teacher Assistants with a minimum of an Associate degree in Early Childhood Education (ECE) are needed to teach in the Head Start Program. Must have a clean background check, and an insurable driver's license. An Excellent benefit package is offered. EEOE, DFWP
EHS Teacher - Early Head Start Program, will implement Infant/Toddler program curriculum and activities which take into consideration cultural, social,  and economic backgrounds, emotional or physical disabilities, and individual style and pace of learning to ensure a holistic and comprehensive delivery of services.   Minimum of a Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education with Infant/Toddler coursework and a minimum of four (4) months documented successful experience in an Infant/Toddler environment.
HWAP Director- Responsible for the overall management of staff and implementation of HWAP and other supplemental energy programs to established goals
  • Development and management of programmatic budgetary and financial oversight
  •  Manage program outcomes and new program development, focusing on the needs of the community, using research forecasting trends and analyzing data to make program decisions.
  • Maintain organization and program compliance with all applicable OSHA, DOE and HHS regulations governing HWAP operations.
  • Associate Degree in Construction or Business Management.
  • 5 years’ experience in Home Weatherization Assistance Program (HWAP) administration or implementation.
  • Ohio Weatherization Training Center, Building Performance Institute (BPI) and Quality Control Inspector (QCI) certified.
Health Services Manager- Duties:Track medical, dental and developmental requirements for Head Start and Early Head Start children in accordance with the Head Start Performance Standards, ODJFS regulations, and State of Ohio EPSDT recommendations.

Review medical and dental documentation for enrolled children.

Ensure accuracy of child data and monitor deadlines and expiration dates in order to maintain compliance with Head Start Performance standards and ODJFS licensing rules.

Maintain liaison relationships with other agencies, health and dental providers, programs, organizations and groups providing services to meet children’s health needs. Organize annual Health Advisory Committee.


Must or possess a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, Health Care Management or Health related field.  Education, training, and work experience in the health field with the pediatric age.

Camp Enrichment Mentor

Position Concept: The Mentor will be actively engaged and involved in the activities and supervision of children in the Enrichment program.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Carry forth the mission of the Stark County Community Action Agency.
  • Function as an active member of the Enrichment Program promote a positive experience for children.
  • Assist in the active supervision of children and be responsible for the well-being and health of camp participants.
  • Responsible for the development, planning and implementation of curricula content areas.
  • Maintain a high degree and standards for the safety in all program activities.
  • Participate in the implementation of program and classroom activities.
  • Lead and/or assist with team building games and activities daily.
  • Lead and/or assist in overall camp logistics (Drop-off and pickup meals, program activities).
  • Implement effective classroom management strategies.
  • Assist in ordering and inventory of program supplies and materials.
  • Participate in program planning sessions and meetings.
  • Assists in the organization of field trips.
  • Engage parents and guardians of the participating children to insure their understanding and support of program activities.
  • Communicate with Enrichment Director and program staff, as needed to ensure appropriate program participation, coordination and outcomes.
  • Responsible for resolving disputes and disciplinary issues with the children.

Skills and Specifications:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication; Proficient with Microsoft office applications and Publisher.
  • Ability to function within a cohesive team environment, while fostering a fun, learning and environment for children.
  • Ability to pass pre-employment background, drug test and physical assessment screening.
  • Possession of a currently valid Ohio Driver’s License and insurance.Three to five years of demonstrated work experience with at risk children/families and diverse populations


Bachelor Degree and/or Teaching certifications preferred in education, social work, early childhood or related field, physical education, and creative arts, or a combination of training, education and experience that is the equivalent to the employment standards listed herein and that provide the required knowledge and abilities.

Career/Academic Specialist

Position Concept:  The position of Career/Academic Specialist is responsible and expected to independently perform and support academic and career planning related services under minimal supervision under the Youth-Career Exploration Program (Y-CEP).

 Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Carry forth the mission of the Stark County Community Action Agency.
  • Demonstrate professionalism, responsibility, punctuality and program integrity.
  • Serve as an active member of the Youth Career Exploration Program (Y-CAP), and the promotion of positive experiences for program participants.
  • Interview, advise, and direct a diverse participant population of their responsibilities, and obligations guiding program participation.
  • Facilitate the conduct of various assessments designed to assist in the identification of career interests.
  • Analyze participant information derived from application, assessments, and other sources to assist in the development of career plans.
  • Assist in the design of and implementation of a wide range of instructional activities, materials, program services, and strategies to support career exploration and exposure, sessions, employer visits and presentations. 
  •  Provide supervision, guidance, counseling and mentoring support for Y-CEP students in the areas of academic achievement, career awareness and school success (attendance behavior, personal, and social issues) and life skills (e.g., organization skills, time management, individual and social responsibility and work ethic).
  • Interface with public and private employers, governmental entities and universities to develop program training, site visits and cooperative relationships.
  • Monitor and evaluate participant progress through program activities and components.


Bachelor degree and/or teaching Certificate with instructional experience preferred, or a combination of training, education and experience that is the equivalent to the employment standard listed above and that provide the required knowledge and abilities.

Skills and Specifications:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Experience working with youth and diverse populations.
  • Demonstrated ability and experience working in a team environment.
  • Proficient use of MS office applications.
  • At least two to three years of experience working with diverse, at risk student populations.
  • Possession of currently valid Ohio Driver’s license and insurance.
  • Ability to pass pre-employment background and drug test.

Enrichment Counselor

Position Concept:  The Enrichment Counselor is responsible for planning, leading and implementing core and non-core program activities for children in small groups settings.  The Counselor shall also be responsible for the general safety and development, growth and skills achievement of participants in his/her group.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Carry forth the mission of the Stark County Community Action Agency. 
  • Function as an active member of the Enrichment Program team.
  • Assist in maintaining accurate track of camper dietary restrictions, allergies and meal service.
  • Assist in the mentoring and educating children.
  • Foster a fun, learning and environment for children.
  • Develop engaging recreational activities for children.
  • Maintain accurate attendance records of camp activities and data, such as attendance logs and incident reports.
  • Act as a role model for camp participants in activities which require cleanliness, punctuality and sportsmanship.
  • Administer emergency safety procedures such as CPR and first aid, as required.
  • Assist daily in the proper meals/snack service to each camper.
  • Oversee, supervise and direct and lead children in prescribe program activities.
  • Responsible for the whereabouts, health and safety of children at all times.
  • Responsible for engagement with parents, guardians and authorized adults for the safe transitioning of children (Drop-off and pick-up) daily.
  • Mediation of any conflicts that may arise between camp participants to ensure a peaceful environment.


High School graduate with at least two years of college, BA preferred, or a combination of training education, and experience that is the equivalent to the employment standards listed herein and that provide the required knowledge and abilities.

Skills, Abilities, Knowledge and Specifications

  • At least 2-3 years of experience of working with children from diverse social economic and racial and cultural backgrounds.
  • Essential knowledge of education, sports, arts, music, science, and/or crafts.
  • Ability to direct and coordinate children during field trip activities.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Able to participate in potentially strenuous physical activities.
  • Experience facilitating group activities.
  • Ability to multi-task with good organizational skills.
  • Must pass pre-employment background, drug test and physical assessment screening.




Equal Opportunity Organization
The Stark County Community Action Agency is an equal opportunity organization that does not discriminate in its employment practices nor in its delivery of services.

There shall be no discrimination in employment practices, operations and activities, or contractual services with any other entity based on race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, marital status, political belief, veteran status, sexual orientation, or disability status. The SCCAA Board of Directors has adopted the revised Affirmative Action Policy in compliance with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and with Executive Order #246 as amended by Executive Order #11375.

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