Pathways Community HUB Model

  1. Pathways Community HUB Model
    • The Pathways Community HUB Model is a nationally certified, evidence-based, peer-reviewed, pay-for-performance, care coordination model.
    • The model relies heavily on collaborative relationships within the community.
    • The model utilizes Community Health Workers (CHWs) that are employed by Care Coordination Agencies (CCAs) to work with families, identify risks, and work with the families to clear the Pathways to flourish by implementing family led interventions and track outcomes. 
      • Care Coordination Agency (CCA): A community-based organization that provides care coordination service in partnership with the HUB.
      • Community Health Worker (CHW): A general term for the worker who engages with clients to provide community referrals, information, and education.
  2. How it Works
    • Identify - Identify at risk individuals in need of services and assign them to a Community Health Worker (CHW) who, with their consent, will complete a comprehensive needs and risk assessment and enroll them into the CAPHUB.
    • Connect - Connect clients to services, tools, and resources in the community that align with the Pathways opened as a result of the needs and risk assessment.
    • Empower - Empower, support, encourage, and advocate for clients as they strive toward self-sufficiency as they complete Pathways. 
  3. Our Care Coordination Agencies (CCAs) 
    • Access Health Stark County
    • Akron Children's Hospital
    • My Community Health Center
    • Stark Community Support Network
    • Stark County Health Department
    • Stark Metropolitan Housing Authority
    • YWCA Canton